dag 16

yes people, its already day 16! time if flyin when ehm... UR DOING NOTHING, haha well here is an picture as usual!

dag 16

the weed has been growing good, but the bad weather is back, it rained for the first time yesterday again :(

Lees verder...

day 12

weed is growing good, weather is great


will post pictures in couple of days again! 

day 10

the weather is still good,im surprised it hasnt started raining, usually when there is good wether for 2 days in holland it leadsto 1 week of rain, but its like ehm 3 weeks no rain already!!


so lets hope it stays good weather like this for another couple weeks!! ima upload tomorrow pictures again


Edit* here is the picture i promised!

dag 10

dag 8

yea, its day 8 already and my weedplants are growing good thanks to 1 week of sun and SUNNNN, look how they grew already

Dag 1!!!

dag1got my weed plants, i will upload later the first pictures